Terima Kasih Sahabat

27 November 2008

friendship tag...

aku perlu langsaikan utang tag ini...aku dapat tag ini dari mebby...thanks mebby kerana rajin risa tag....masih ada satu utang lagi tag yang perlu aku langsaikan...

and lovely are the blossoms

that are tended with great care,
by those who work unselfishly
to make the place more fair

and, like the garden blossoms,
friendship's flower grows more sweet
when watched and tended carefully
by those we know and meet

and, if the seed of friendship
is planted deep and true
and watched with understanding,
friendship's flower will bloom for you

here are the rules for this tag:
copy the badge and put it on your blog.
link back who pass you this special TAG.
spread this tag to at least 7 or more bloggers who you think you are friend with
5. myra
7. nano
** sila ambil tag ini dan tepek je di blog anda...senang je...**

1 comment:

cikgu jawe said...

woooooo! tag paling susah nk buat. kena buka blogspot. tulis id dn password. klik new post. tepek gambar.. hehe

TQ sbb bg bunga. hikhik